Google New Privacy Policy, Update Everything Should Know

Google SEo

Google specializes in products related to Internet services and online advertising technologies, including a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Also considered one of among the 5 big tech companies Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft. Google is the most popular search engine that allows users to search for information through the use of keywords and operators.

Google chrome extension require data usage disclosures:

Google reveals that Chrome users are downloading about 4 million extensions from the online store, which is why developers are meeting user expectations for privacy and security. Google introducing the policy that requires data usage disclosure for extension in the chrome web store. A new section will appear as a ‘Privacy practices’ button on each extension’s Web Store listing and also add it in the web store dashboard where extension developers able to disclose what data collect from users and what is the purpose of collecting data.

Google’s new data usage dashboard has a few pre-set options, which intend to prohibit Chrome developers from certain data practices. These include:

  • It Ensures the use or transfer of user data is for the primary benefit of the user and instead with the stated purpose of the extension.
  • Re-emphasizes that the sale of user data will never be allowed.
  • Prohibit the use or modification of user data for personalized advertising.
  • Prohibit the use or transfer of user data for credit brokers or other information resellers
  • Also, that add if developers don’t provide privacy disclosures, display an on their Chrome Web Store listing which suggests inform them that the developer is yet to suit Google’s new policies.

The new privacy policy which affects digital marketing:

New privacy changes from giant tech Google that affects the business across numerous industries. The challenge for small businesses to move toward growing privacy policies and digital marketing is difficult to understand what these changes mean.

Focusing on first-party data from third-party data:

Third-party data doesn’t have any direct link to the user, that data is collected by an external entity. Online advertising, it’s often collected, aggregated, and sold. First-party data is that the data collected by your business directly from the audience include customers, site visitors, and social media followers. Due to which considered the best type of data to use for advertising and It is very reliable for making predictions and predicting practices.

More subscription fee or In-App purchases:

“Free” content and apps aren’t free, because it requires money to create, develop, and maintain. That’s the reason why publishers often rely on online advertising to make money. Due to new privacy protections, publishers will start to charge user subscription fees and make up for lost advertising revenue to access content or push in-app purchases to support app development.

Digital Marketing Recommendations to remain before the changes:

  • Build a community -face group is an effective way for connecting the target audience.
  • Double down on quality content -powerful one for web design and development, social media marketing, email marketing, brand differentiation, etc.
  • Increase SEC efforts -users trust organic results for using the keyword more than paid ads that enhance the brand’s credibility.
  • Create video content -incorporate videos into blog articles, social media posts which increase engagement.

Google has a big responsibility and works hard to protect user information and put them in control. The Privacy Policy helps you understand what information you collect, why you collect it, and the way you can update, manage, export, and delete your information.

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