Privacy Policy:

SJ Creativeworks Pvt Ltd protects the privacy of individuals who visit our website. The information you leave with us while visiting our website is kept confidential.

The information that we collect from your visit is your name, postal address, e-mail ID, username and password, telephone number and other details that relates to your interests and preferences etc.

We collect this information by way of cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that websites leave on visitors’ computers. These cookies help websites establish a relationship with the visitors. Through these cookies we collect your IP address, browser you use, the date and time of your visit to our website, the actions on our website, and your preferences etc.

These cookies help us to recognize your computer when you visit the site, and by tracking your preferences, we strive to improvise the website in compliance with your preferences. The cookies further help us in identifying our visitors to the site and to gather the personal and demographic information about our visitors.

Thus by knowing your preferences and interests, we wish to send you the promotional mails, info about products, our offers, newsletters, invite you to blogs, discussions and forums, special events, programs, surveys, product reviews, contests, and other promotional events that may of interest to you.

If you still do not want us to track you, you may delete and clear all the cookies from your browsers.

However blocking or deleting of cookies shall have a negative impact on your using the website. For instance, if you delete cookies, your preferences are lost and you may find it difficult to use the features like log on, search functions, and access the content fast.

Our Privacy Policy Statement is absolutely in compliance of state laws with respect to privacy of individuals.