Microsoft FAST Web Components. Everything You Need To Know

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Over the years, Microsoft’s strategy has been very effective: late to the party, but choose the right side. While you are there, invest a lot of money and become a leader! It works with DirectX (as opposed to OpenGL and console). For example, includes Github and Visual Studio Code, Will Microsoft FAST framework the same code on the open-source IDE segment code at the same speed?

What is Microsoft Fast Framework?

The Microsoft Fast Framework creates enterprises application is an open-source framework for extensible and customizable user interfaces. More specifically, many tools, documents, and examples compiled in the Mono-Github repo are used to make them easy to use and are exploited as various NPM packages.

Because Fast combines your style foundations, you have a helmet in the design system, which contains proven foundations and style libraries, such as our colors, animations, and height recommendations. Interface and FAST framework), but Google or Salesforce Lightning objects will not cause any problems.

Unique Features of Fast Framework:

Fast is a Web component based on W3C. It means you can integrate Fast Enable UI with pure JavaScript or any popular market framework (by default, most frameworks support custom elements and web components). It means you can use web components (Document Object Model) to define your custom HTML elements, which are perfectly embedded in the DOM.

There are two main libraries in Microsoft FAST are

@Microsoft / Fast Element Framework and they are one library. Help you build your web components and,

@Microsoft / Fast-Component is a ready-made software package.

With the help of slots for components, templates, or CSS styles, customize the components in many ways. The approach we take in the Storefront UI framework is very similar. The library also provides developer tools for government agencies. React or Vue is famous for its features on these frameworks.

Benefits of Fast Framework:

1.     Dissidents

There are millions of ways to build the next website or application. Generating code is critical to any decision FAST makes to support the technology you choose.

2.     Style guides and UI tools

Great development tools can make a difference in the development of components and views. FAST provides design and style management tools that can be used with FAST components, other infrastructure components, or their components.

3.     Bring your design system

When platform adjustments or low-cost advanced systems are required, the more comprehensive design systems provided by companies such as Microsoft (Fluent), Google (Material), or Salesforce (Lightning) are useful, but many companies have their design systems. Some have multiple design systems or differences.

How to Integrate Fast into Other Frameworks?

Rarely build a simple JavaScript application is one of the fastest features. Also used in any development environment to improve the quality of web components for Vue, React Storefront UI. We use a slightly different approach, but the goal is the same.

1       Angular 8.2.14

Angular works best in the Microsoft Fast configuration because the system supports binding custom elements with attributes and attributes. Development, server-side development, ASP.NET can work quickly and naturally. Use your custom HTML elements to add script tags and start right away.

2       React

Although the React team fully supports the various elements in version 17, it supports integration with v16.x.

3       Vue

Vue fully supports a single element and transfers all data as attributes by default. A special syntax is provided for binding properties that are suitable for Vue.

The general purpose of Microsoft FAST is to focus on customization and development experiences. It is also an excellent basis for the construction of your custom frameworks.

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