5 Tools For Mobile Responsive Check

mobile responsive check


A mobile responsive test is to check whether the designed website is mobile-friendly or not. These mobile-friendly websites have to give the same experience as using mobile, and it needs to be tested on different browsers, screen sizes, etc. Let us discuss the 5 tools that are used in Responsiveness Testing.


Testsigma is an automated cross-browser testing and Responsiveness Testing Tool.  It provides you with more than 1000 browser-OS and 2000 iOS and Android devices. Scriptless automation testing, parallel testing of test suites, drill-down test reports are the features of the Testsigma.

Why Testsigma sits right on top of the deck?

  • This test can be operated easily.
  • It is integrated with popular CI/CD and bug reporting tools.
  • It provides quick actionable feedback through complete test reports.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • A combination of a plethora of browsers, OS, devices is used to perform extensive automated responsiveness testing and cross-browser testing.
  • Automated test cases for UI can be created.


It is the simplest tool that is used for testing the responsiveness of the website. The process only involves inserting the URL of the website. Without any inconvenience, the results can be shown easily.

Why you choose Responsinator for responsiveness testing?

  • It is cost-free, but it shows ads.
  • Here the devices are available in portrait nodes and landscape nodes.
  • For quick checks, it works great.


Screenfly is a free tool that allows you to proceed with the responsiveness check on different devices and screen sizes. It can be done on all devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops, and televisions, and it can also be rotated and scrolled.


  • It allows you to add custom screen sizes along with pixel-based screen sizing.
  • It allows performing rotation, screen scrolling using click buttons.
  • It provides support for devices like tablets, smartphones, televisions, desktops, etc.
  • It is a user-friendly and cost-free tool.


Lambda test provides all sets of tools that are used for performing Responsive Testing, also it helps in making the website mobile-friendly. It contains nearly 27 devices. Lambda test allows you to perform website auditing and share bug reports with your team.


It can be performed in different network profiles since it can network throttling feature.

It has device rotation and scroll syncing features.

It can record a full-page video.

Compare multiple device and screen dimensions parallelly.


BrowserStack allows performing responsiveness on 2000+ browsers and iOS and Android devices. It allows you to perform responsive testing easily and efficiently.


  • It provides Selenium-based automated, and live responsive testing for websites.
  • It consists of a combination of 2000+ real iOS and Android devices.
  • It allows for integration with the CI/CD tools and the results are seen directly in Jenkins and Slack.
  • It allows visual testing and review.

All the above-mentioned Mobile Responsive tools differ slightly and have their level of control. Try out these tools and choose the best that suits your mobile.


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